The Ballet Training Program brings a new level of Ballet experiences to our students. Technique is an essential piece of a dancer’s training, and we have designed a program for serious dancers to work toward new goals and heights. Ballet Training Program dancers (known as trainees) receive the most well-rounded Ballet education, individualized attention, and a large number of opportunities in a positive and disciplined environment. These dancers experience private, trainee-only weekly Ballet classes, as well as Pre-Pointe/Pointe classes for female students and Men's Only classes for our male students. They learn a multitude of classical variations in their weekly Variations class, and enjoy weekly Partnering classes with our male and female Ballet instructors. Trainees take part in private Ballet master classes and seminars from some of the top Ballet dancers and instructors in the country! BTP dancers finish the year off with a fully choreographed Ballet production that they perform alongside professional Ballet dancers in our annual recital!

Artistic Director:
Theresa Holland
BTP Faculty:
Caleb Waybright
Rebekah Mayfield
Jason L. Wang

Congratulations to our
2021-2022 Trainees!

Master Class Teachers