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HOF Schedule Breakdown

Arielle Libertore

Apr 20, 2024

Full Company

Hi Company Parents,

We are awaiting the final schedule from Hall of Fame, which should be available tomorrow night or Monday morning. But for now, they have sent us this schedule breakdown, which is super helpful to know the days/time frame your children will dance. Friday and Saturday have two stages and Sunday there is one stage. 

*PROM: If your child has Prom on Saturday, please let us know if we should remove their solo from the competition. They did put senior solos early on Saturday so it could be possible to drive back and forth if that is something you want to do. We could have them go earlier than scheduled on Saturday as well. But they will not be able to compete their solos on Sunday. We expect all dancers to be there for groups on Sunday, which is why we specifically request this from the competition each year. Your children can sleep in the car while you drive them to Detroit Sunday morning ;) We know this isn't the perfect setup but it's something we deal with every year and our seniors have to make the sacrifice for their team!

See the schedule breakdown below:

Little League = Ages 6 & under

FHOF = Future Hall of Famer (7-8 year olds)

Rookie = Beginning division

NL = National League (intermediate division)

AL = American League (advanced division)



4:00 PM-7:30 PM: Junior NL Solos

8:15 PM-10:50 PM: Teen NL and Rookie Small Groups



6:00 PM-8:45 PM: Junior AL Solos and Duet/Trios, 19+ Solos




7:30 AM-1:20 PM: Junior Groups, Junior NL DuetTrios

2:00 PM-3:44 PM: FHOF and Little League Solos

4:10 PM-7:10 PM: FHOF/Little League Groups and Duet/Trios

7:50 PM-10:59 PM: Teen AL Solos



8:00 AM-1:25 PM: Senior AL Solos

2:05 PM-5:05 PM: Senior NL and Rookie Solos

5:45 PM-10:05 PM: Teen NL Solos and Duet/Trios




7:30 AM-8:45 AM: Junior Rookie Solos, Teen Rookie Solos, Junior and Teen Rookie Duet/Trios

9:15 AM-12:35 PM: Teen AL Groups, Teen NL Large Groups, Teen Lines and Productions

1:15 PM-2:55 PM: Senior Duet/Trios, Teen AL Duet/Trios

3:35 PM-8:30 PM: All Senior Groups



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