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Parent Social for VIP

Natalie Wilson

Feb 1, 2024

Full Company

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that Showcase is over, and what an amazing job all of our dancers did! So excited to see them do it all again :)

Looking forward to our 1st Full-Company Competition in 2024 at VIP in Boardman!


We would like to extend an invitation to all parents to meet at Ground Xero (10333 Northfield Road) on Thursday, February 15th during the Pep Rally (7:15-9:00 pm).


Please come and meet new (and old) Company Families. Wear your dancers team color(s) in support. I will have some fun activities planned in a getting-to-know-you fashion and even come with your favorite karaoke song!


You can purchase drinks, apps, or dinner.


Please RSVP to me - Natalie Wilson: 216-346-4303 - so I can get an accurate count as well.


-Natalie Wilson & the CSDS Parent Committee

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