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5, 10, 15-Year Award List - Please Check!

CSDS Staff

May 3, 2024

Full Company

Hello CSDS Families,

If your child has danced at CSDS for 5, 10, or 15 years, please make sure their name is included in the list below and spelled correctly. If they are missing from this list and should be on it, let us know no later than May 11th.

5 Year

Alaina Price

Alicia Li

Alyssa Kimball

Anderson Talley

Annie Makaryan

Blair Little

Cami Byrne

Cecelia Sliwinski

Connie Boller

Emma Utterback

Hailey Ertel

Hayden Talley

Isabelle Violette

Jordan Officer

Kaiya Millirons

Kendall Millirons

Lillian Maslona

Lilya Bucknell

Madelyn Maslona

Madeline Violette

Maggie Anzells

Maria Rubino

Myla Crum

Selina Li

Vanessa Hauzie

10 Year

Annie Taylor

Ava McLendon

Makayla Craig

Taelyn Vander Weit

Zoey Henn

15 Year

Casie Crawford

Jessica Garvas 


-CSDS Staff

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