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Recreational Dance at Center Stage


Have a child who’s new to dance and is looking to have fun? 

Our recreational dance program is the perfect place for them.

For children of all ages looking to move, shake, jump, and have a good time, our recreational program offers an abundance of classes including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics. Our recreational classes offer a wide selection of scheduling and are open to any dancer interested in learning skills and techniques while enjoying the process! Dance is beneficial for any child and can offer an emotional outlet and allow for artistic expression. We meet your child where they are at in their dance journey and find the right class for them: where they feel motivated while still being positively challenged. 


We offer more than just in-class experience! All recreational dancers have the chance to perform in our annual end-of-the-year dance recital. They will perform a dance that they have worked hard on throughout the year with their class. All dancers wear costumes, perform for an audience of friends and family, and get the chance to feel like a star. 


If you are a new parent to the world of dance, we encourage you to give your child a start in our recreational program and see how much they’ll learn and grow with CSDS!

Recreational Dance at Center Stage - Northfield, OH




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