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Adrenaline Details & Reminder

Arielle Libertore

Feb 26, 2024

Elite & Pre-Pro

Hello Elite and Pre-Pro Families!


This e-mail contains important information for our 1st Elite Convention-Competition, Adrenaline! Please read it in its entirety.

This is an extra-important weekend as the preview of our Nationals! We want our dancers to make the best impression on the Faculty & Staff. It is mandatory that our dancers take every convention class and have the correct shoes for each class! It's also mandatory that our dancers are in each and every one of their classes at the studio this week, including all technique classes! Contagious illness is the only exception to this rule. All injured dancers should still be in classes as well. If your child has a fever or is contagious, please keep them home! We will send out a separate e-mail with Thursday's shortened schedule. 

Plan ahead throughout the weekend so our dancers are dressed and ready to go for competition with hair/makeup done!

***If you have not done so already, waivers MUST be electronically signed before the event or the attendees will not be able to participate in the workshop or competition. Click on this link to sign: WAIVERS




TROY, MI  48084



Friday, March 1:

7:00 am: Dressing Rooms Open

8:00 am: Teen/Senior Solos

12:00 pm: Teen/Senior Solo Awards

12:30 pm: Mini/Junior Solos

3:15 pm: Mini/Junior Solo Awards

3:45 pm: Mini/Junior Duets/Trios & Groups

6:30-7:25 pm: Contemporary Class with Caroline Lewis-Jones

7:30-8:25 pm: Hip Hop Class with Nick Bass

8:45 pm: Mini/Junior Duet/Trio & Group Awards

*If your children are at the event on Friday and are not competing during class times, we highly recommend they take the free classes with Caroline & Nick!! These teachers are phenomenal!


Saturday, March 2:

7:30 am: Meet Ms. Alyssa for your audition numbers and wristbands outside the Teen/Senior Ballroom (if you haven't done so on Friday)

7:40 am: All dancers arrive at designated class ballroom

8:00 am-2:30 pm: Convention Classes (see attached schedule for class & lunch break times)

3:30 pm: Dressing Rooms Open

3:40 pm - Dancers in Hey Baby, Americano, and Nicest Thing should be fully dressed and ready to go with CSDS warmup clothes on overtop. We will meet for a warmup with these three groups before competition begins. All other dancers should arrive 2 hours before their scheduled group time, ready to go!

4:30 pm: Teen/Senior Duets/Trios & Groups

10:00 pm:Teen/Senior Duet/Trio & Group Awards

Sunday, March 3:

7:30 am: All dancers arrive at designated class ballroom

7:50 am-1:40 pm: Convention Classes (see attached schedule for class & lunch break times)

2:00 pm: The Best of Show - Scholarships will be announced, chosen groups will re-perform, and select dancers will perform class combos. All dancers must attend. 

Competition Reminders:

  • Please make a list of all items that your children need to bring to the competition - costumes, shoes, undergarments, accessories, makeup, hair products, etc., and double-check that you pack each item! Review the links on the Company page of our website including the Company Contact List, Costume Master List, and Hair/Makeup List. Items like socks, belts, extra hair ties, and clips are easy to forget! It is always best to be overly prepared.

  • Have your children remove any colored fingernail/toenail polish before the weekend.

  • All family members and friends who are not attending the event can watch the competition via the live stream. You can find this link at

  • Please arrive at the venue at least two hours before your child's first scheduled dance. Give yourself plenty of time for traffic/accidents along the way.

  • Write out your children's individual schedules so you can double-check if there are any issues with the lineup. No dancer should have two dances back-to-back. 

  • Be aware that the competition may run ahead of schedule. Make sure your children are always stretched and ready to dance as soon as possible. If we need to hold a dance, we will. However, soloists cannot go out of order if they are late and we can't wait for other family members to arrive before competing. 

  • Each Company group has a Group Leader, and all other dancers should check in with this Group Leader before they go backstage, to make sure all dancers are present and ready to dance. Teachers may not have time to see their group dances before they go on stage. If the teacher cannot come back to see the group, the Group Leader must be responsible for getting the group backstage and checked in.

  • Teachers will most likely not have time to stretch or see soloists before they go on stage. Solos need to stretch themselves and get backstage 3 numbers before they perform. 

  • Your children are welcome to sit in the ballroom when they are not competing. Please monitor your children on their breaks so they are not running through the halls, making a mess, etc. 

  • Please treat all event staff with kindness and patience. They are doing the best they can! Bring any concerns to a CSDS teacher.

  • Remember that all families are representing Center Stage at all times throughout the weekend, not only at the convention center but at restaurants, hotels, etc. Please be mindful of negative comments and keep all opinions about dancers/routines/the convention to yourself.


Dressing Room Reminders:

  • Please do not take ANY photos or videos inside the dressing rooms and remind your children as well. You never know who may be in the back of a photo/video changing clothes. Please understand how important this is!

  • No boys are allowed in the girls' dressing rooms for any reason and no girls are allowed in the boys' dressing room for any reason.

  • Please limit the food, drinks, and candy in the dressing rooms as much as possible. We do not want any food or drinks getting on costumes. 

  • We will bring a steamer for use as needed. Please iron/steam all costumes that can be. 

  • Use A LOT of hairspray and gel and touch up hair/makeup (especially lipstick) between dances. 

  • Have your children wear CSDS coverups over their costumes when walking through the venue.

Convention Reminders:

  • Make sure your children see Ms. Alyssa to receive their convention wristbands and audition numbers before classes begin. They can do so anytime on Friday or outside of the Teen/Senior room on Saturday at 7:30 am.

  • Please have your children arrive 15-20 minutes early at the beginning of classes and 10 minutes early after lunch/dinner breaks.

  • Make sure they bring lots of water to drink and snacks to eat throughout the day. 

  • Plan ahead for lunch/dinner breaks so your children are not wasting time getting food and then not having enough time to eat.

  • It is VERY important to our studio that your child takes every single convention class. As an Elite/Pre-Pro Company dancer, this is a requirement. Our teachers will be monitoring students in their classes to help give them advice and make sure they are working hard. They will reach out to parents if any situations arise that require their attention.

  • Make sure your children dress appropriately for each convention class. They should wear tight-fitting dance clothes, no t-shirts or baggy clothes (except for Hip Hop), and their hair needs to be presentable and out of their faces. Bright colors are smart to wear for classes so your child stands out. We will be giving the dancers more tips for convention classes this week.

  • Dancers should have all of their dance shoes with them at all times: Tap shoes, Jazz shoes, sneakers for Hip Hop, Ballet shoes, and Ballroom shoes!



Please let us know if you have any questions! We are looking forward to an awesome weekend of convention classes and competition!



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