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Big/Little Forms 23-24

Mitchel Federan

Oct 18, 2023

Full Company

Hi Company Parents!

The Big/Little program at CSDS is the pairing of an older Company dancer with a younger Company dancer with the mission of creating relationships, encouraging each other, mentoring, and building confidence. Along with creating bonds within these pairs, the program helps to bridge the gap between different ages and group dances.

Graduating seniors have gotten to choose who their Littles are for this year, but all other Bigs and Littles are paired by our staff and will be revealed at the Big/Little Reveal Party! We will then give out these Big/Little forms with information about your child's Big/Little so they can contact them, hang out, and get them small gifts for competitions throughout the season! We will send out a separate e-mail with information about the Big/Little gifts in December. 

We have created an online Google Form this year for you and/or your child to fill out. These forms are absolutely necessary for every single Company dancer to complete for our Big/Little program. Please fill out one form per child if you have multiple children in Company. You can fill out the form with your child's help or older dancers can fill out the form on their own. 

Complete this form no later than Sunday, October 29th. We will be placing the five clues that you detail in your child's Big or Little's folder once per week leading up to the Reveal Party on December 9th! Make sure the clues don't give away too much information - they can be totally random or can even be meant to confuse the Big/Little so they don't figure out who their Big/Little is until the reveal party!

The Big/Little Reveal Party on December 9th will be DISCO THEMED. So have your children come dressed in their best 70's attire! It's going to be so much fun!! We'll send out more details about the party soon.


Let us know if you have any questions :)


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