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Big/Little Gifts & Events 2024

CSDS Staff

Dec 19, 2023

Full Company

Hi Company Parents,


We had so much fun at our Big/Little Reveal Party! We will be e-mailing you your Big/Little's Contact Form and Questionnaire over Winter Break. In the meantime, you can use the Company Contact List if you'd like to reach out to your Big/Little over break. The pairs' names are listed on the 2nd tab of this Google Sheet


We want to encourage relationship-building between the Bigs and Littles all season! The Bigs and Littles will be making the majority of their gifts together during our three Pep Rallies to foster these relationships. But it is extra important that our Bigs reach out to the Littles and set up times to talk or hang out! As parents, please help to build these relationships and make sure that your Big is making their Little feel special! If you are the parent of a Little and do not hear from your child's Big or Big's parents by mid-January, please reach out and help make this happen :)

*If possible, we would also love for your child to come to the competitions during the times their Big/Littles perform throughout the season! 

We took photos of each of our Big/Little pairs at the Reveal Party. Those can be found in this Dropbox folder. They are great photos to add to your child's Good Luck poster (details below).

Gifts & Events:

All of the details on our Big/Little program's Gifts & Events for the season are detailed on this Google Sheet. There is a link to this page on the Company page of our website and our Mobile App as well. 

$50 will be charged to each dancer's account by January 15th, which covers the costs of t-shirts, paper mache letters, polaroid keychains, and beach towels that the pairs will make at each of our Pep Rallies this season. 

We will be handing out poster boards this week for your children to decorate for their Big/Little with instructions to turn them back in on January 15th. If your child doesn't get one this week, make sure they do so the first week we are back in January. 

*Please remember to bring a small gift of candy and a card to each regional competition this season to give to your Big/Little. 


Another change this season is that we will have our Big/Little Movie Screening on February 10th after our Competition Etiquette meetings instead of on separate Fridays. The times are listed on the Google Sheet as well. 


After reading through the Google Sheet, let us know if you have any questions!


-CSDS Staff

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