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Big/Little Reveal Party & Company Lock-In

Mitchel Federan

Nov 29, 2023

Full Company

Hi Company Families!

This is your reminder for our upcoming Big/Little Reveal Party and Company Lock-In on Saturday, December 9th, starting at 5:00 pm!

The Big/Little Party is DISCO-THEMED and we would LOVE for our Company dancers to come dressed all the way up! Big hair, wigs, jewelry, bright neon colors, dresses, bell bottoms, etc! We will have a photo booth for them to use and will take photos of each Big/Little pair.

Shirts will be given to the dancers with the name of their Big/Little on them for the reveal. Dancers will choose from many different transfers to have pressed on their shirts in their own unique way together at the party and bring home to wear to the Winter Showcase and throughout the competition season.

We will end the party by showing some of our group routines to the rest of the team for fun, so make sure your child can dance in the outfits they wear to the party, or have them bring a change of clothes. They will not need any dance shoes for the group showing as we chose dances they can do barefoot.

We will be giving each dancer a pair of colored sunglasses when they arrive which will let them know the Pep Rally color team they will be on for the year. At the end of the party, we will also announce our Team Captains for the season!

We will have pizza (gluten-free too) and lots of snacks/desserts for the kids to eat throughout the night. 

After the Reveal Party, all Company dancers in 5th grade and below need to be picked up at 8:00 pm. We will then begin our Company Lock-In! 

The Company Lock-In is for 6th-12th grade Company dancers to spend the night at the studio! We will have several teachers there all night monitoring them. Dancers who are staying for the Lock-In should bring pajamas to change into and should bring a pillow and sleeping bag or blanket. We will play games, have contests, watch movies, and have so much fun! Expect your child to be exhausted on Sunday morning ;) Pick-up for the Company Lock-In is at 7:00 am on Sunday, December 10th. 

Schedule for Saturday, December 9th:


Big/Little Reveal Party - 5:00-8:00 pm

Reveal Party Pick-Up for dancers in 5th grade and below - 8:00 pm

Company Lock-In - 8:00 pm-7:00 am

Lock-In Pick Up - 7:00 am on Sunday, December 10th

Let us know if you have any questions and we'll see your kids at the DISCO!



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