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Company Rehearsals - This Saturday!

Alyssa Verdino

May 14, 2024

Full Company

Hi Company Families!

A reminder that we have our Opening Number & Finale Rehearsals this Saturday, May 18th. If your child is unable to attend this mandatory rehearsal day, please let us know as soon as possible. Read more details below:

If possible, please bring the Opening Number Costumes that we have asked you to gather on your own to rehearsal this Saturday. This includes the all-white, hip hop-styled outfit and black hip hop shoes for all Company dancers, and the all-black, tight-fitting outfit and ballroom shoes for Elite & Pre-Pro dancers. 

We recommend the dancers bring their white outfits in their dance bags and wear regular dance clothes or their all-black outfits for rehearsal. We will have them put their all-white outfits on when we are ready to film the sections.

They do not need full stage hair & makeup this Saturday. As long as they look presentable for camera, that's fine. Hair can be done however they would like this weekend, just make sure it is pulled back out of their faces. 

They do not need to bring anything for the finale sections this weekend. 


*We need each Company dancer to purchase/put together the following on their own:

  • An all-white outfit: Hip Hop-styled, over-sized, that you can still move and dance in (think cropped hoodies, baggy tees, vests, cropped long sleeve t-shirts, etc. and sweatpants, cargo pants, joggers, etc. but ALL WHITE with no other colors, stripes, or logos).

  • Black hip hop shoes (many have these from a hip hop dance, need to be plain all-black, or as close to this as possible).

  • Female Elite Dancers also need a tight-fitting, all-black outfit that can be worn under the white outfit and then once the white outfit is taken off, can be worn for certain sections of the dance (sports bras, camisoles, cropped t-shirts, leggings, bike shorts, booty shorts, etc. but must be tight-fitting).

  • Elite Dancers in Ballroom need Ballroom Shoes or they cannot perform in the Ballroom sections.

Schedule & Section Breakdown:

Note: male dancers are not in the Jazz Sections 1, 2, 3 of the Opening Number

Thanks and see you this weekend!


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