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Competition Entry Fees 23-24

Mitchel Federan

Oct 11, 2023

Full Company

Hello Company Parents!


Here is the entry fee breakdown per competition for the season. You can use this information to calculate entry fee totals for your own knowledge prior to them being billed. The total entry fee amounts will be billed to your Payment Portals at least two weeks before the due dates for each event. The full amount must be paid by cash or check (made out to Center Stage) by the due date listed. If entry fees are not paid in full by the due date for a competition, your child will not be able to compete at the event. Please understand how important it is to pay on time. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, a 3% surcharge will be added to the total. 


For Convention-Competitions (Elite & Pre-Pro): It is mandatory to pay for the convention portion in order to compete at the competition. At Center Stage, it is a requirement that Elite & Pre-Pro dancers take every single class during the convention. 


For Jump & Adrenaline: Only a select number of solo entries are given to our studio and we will be choosing soloists to represent CSDS in each age division. The vast majority of Elite dancers will not be able to perform their solos at these competitions. All Elite/Pre-Pro duets/trios can perform at these events. For Nationals, all Elite & Pre-Pro dancers can compete one solo. Dancers can compete two solos IF they are competing for Honored Dancer. More information will be sent out soon for solo entries for each competition as well as additional details on Nationals.


*Certain competitions require each family to pay for their media package, which means that we will receive all photos/videos from the event. Others do not have mandatory media packages, and parents can choose to purchase the photos/videos on their own for these events.


**Group entry fees listed below are per dancer per group.


January 12-14 - Nuvo: Detroit, MI (PRE-PRO)

Entry Fees Due: November 16, 2023

Nuvo Fees: Convention - $345, Groups - $75 per dancer, Duets/Trios - $95 per dancer, Solos - $195


February 16-18 - VIP: Boardman, OH (FULL COMPANY)

Entry Fees Due: December 14, 2023

VIP Fees: Groups - $65 per dancer (Back Stage Crew - $35 per dancer), Duets/Trios - $75 per dancer, Solos - $159


March 1-3 - Adrenaline: Troy, MI (ELITE & PRE-PRO)

Entry Fees Due: January 8, 2024

Adrenaline Fees: Convention - $295, Groups - $70 per dancer, Duets/Trios - $90 per dancer, Solos - $180

March 15-17 - Jump: Detroit, MI (ELITE & PRE-PRO)

Entry Fees Due: January 22, 2024

Jump Fees: Convention - $345, Groups - $75 per dancer, Duets/Trios - $95 per dancer, Solos - $195


April 12-14 - KAR: Boardman, OH (FULL COMPANY)

Entry Fees Due: February 8, 2024

KAR Fees: Groups - $75 per dancer, Duets/Trios - $100 per dancer, Solos - $165, Title - $40 additional, Media Package: $35/dancer or $45/family


April 26-28 - Hall Of Fame: Detroit, MI (FULL COMPANY)

Entry Fees Due: February 22, 2024

Hall of Fame Fees: Groups - $75 per dancer, Duets/Trios - $175 total, Solos - $160,

Media Fee (required) - $35 per dancer & $10 for each additional sibling



July 9-14 - National Dance Honors: Orlando, FL (ELITE & PRE-PRO)

Entry Fees Due: April 23, 2023

*National entry fees have not been released yet. We will send these out when they become available in March.

Let us know if you have any questions. You can contact Sherry regarding your bill at any time:




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