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Food Table - KAR

Alyssa Verdino

Apr 9, 2024

Full Company

Hi Company Families!

For many years our families put together a food table at each competition for all CSDS dancers, teachers, & parents to have to eat throughout the long days. It's super helpful for everyone and we would appreciate you helping us make this happen again for KAR & Hall of Fame. 

We have created a signup genius for you to specify what you would be willing to bring. We will need everything from plates, napkins, and plasticware, to all types of foods/drinks. Healthy options that will fuel our dancers to make it through the long days will be great! Fruits, sandwiches, proteins, snack foods, etc. - anything you think! If many families are willing to bring food, we'll have plenty for everyone! You can also bring coolers with drinks, crock pots, Tupperware, etc.

*Please label any products that you will be taking home with you after the weekend, and please help keep the food tables clean and organized throughout the weekend. 

Be specific when listing what you will bring on Saturday or Sunday (or both) so others can view what's already going to be there and can bring other options. 




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