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Fundraiser Classes Update

Mitchel Federan

Oct 27, 2023

Full Company

Hi Company Families!

We had multiple families reach out wanting to take Jordan's fundraiser class but saying they were unable to attend this weekend due to conflicts. Because of the large number of people who can't make it, we have decided to spread out her fundraiser over the course of the next three Thursday combo classes instead, so all dancers can get the chance to take class and donate to this worthy cause. We will therefore be canceling tomorrow's classes and Jordan will instead teach the following:

Thursday, November 2 - Combo Class A

Thursday, November 9 - Combo Class F

Thursday, November 16 - Combo Class B

If your child is enrolled in one of these classes already, there is nothing you'll need to do to sign up. If they are not enrolled but would like to attend one time to donate, they may take the appropriate age class:

Combo Class A - ages 13-18

Combo Class F - ages 9-12

Combo Class B - ages 13-18

The dancers who attend one of these three classes will be charged $20 to their payment portal accounts for the donation to Lynn Ondo. We appreciate your support and apologize for the last-minute change!

Thanks :)


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