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Hip Hop Schedule Update

Mitchel Federan

Oct 24, 2023

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Hi Company Families!

We have much work to do on our brand-new Blue Crew production! Because of this, we will be altering our Wednesday Hip Hop schedule up until Thanksgiving break, and will then go to our regular Fall schedule afterward. 

Starting tomorrow through Wednesday, November 15th, our Wednesday schedule will go as follows:

6:00-7:30 pm - Blue Crew (Studios A & B)

7:30-8:00 pm - #42 Company Hip Hop (Studio A)

7:30-8:00 pm - Mid Stage Crew (Studio B)

7:30-8:00 pm - Up Stage Crew (Studio E) - Starting 11/8

7:30-8:00 pm - Down Stage Crew (Studio F)

*Hip Hop Tech will start up again after Thanksgiving Break. 

Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!


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