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HOF Details & Reminders

Arielle Libertore

Apr 22, 2024

Full Company

Hello Company Parents!

This e-mail contains important information for our final regional competition, Hall of Fame! Please read it in its entirety. This event has two stages on Friday & Saturday, so please do your best to keep track of your children's schedules and BE EARLY! Competitions tend to run ahead of schedule.


All families must sign a waiver before the competition. The waiver can be found here:

Please Note: Each waiver must be signed exactly how the dancer’s name appears on the schedule. Make sure to select Detroit (Late) as the city.

Competition Venue:

Walled Lake Northern High School

6000 Bogie Lake Rd

Commerce Township, MI 48382

*There are several Walled Lake High Schools, please make sure you drive to the Northern High School with the correct address listed above. 

Thursday, April 25:

*At Center Stage Dance Studio

7:15 pm - Arrive at CSDS (if not at the studio already)

7:15-9:00 pm - Pep Rally!

This is our biggest Pep Rally where we hold a fashion show competition between the color teams! Have your children come dressed to impress, decked out in their most extravagant team-color outfits! We want to see originality, full-out designs, accessories, wigs, face paint - the crazier the better :)

Teams will be dancing down our fashion show runway with a live DJ, competing for big prizes!

*Team Captains should still wear their captain's jerseys and can decide as a color group on the rest of their outfits. 

Friday, April 26:

*At Walled Lake Northern High School


4:00 PM-7:30 PM: Junior NL Solos

8:15 PM-10:50 PM: Teen NL and Rookie Small Groups


6:00 PM-8:45 PM: Junior AL Solos and Duet/Trios, 19+ Solos

Saturday, April 27:

*At Walled Lake Northern High School


7:30 AM-1:20 PM: Junior Groups, Junior NL DuetTrios

2:00 PM-3:44 PM: FHOF and Little League Solos

4:10 PM-7:10 PM: FHOF/Little League Groups and Duet/Trios

7:50 PM-10:59 PM: Teen AL Solos


8:00 AM-1:25 PM: Senior AL Solos

2:05 PM-5:05 PM: Senior NL and Rookie Solos

5:45 PM-10:05 PM: Teen NL Solos and Duet/Trios

Sunday, April 28:

*At Walled Lake Northern High School


7:30 AM-8:45 AM: Junior Rookie Solos, Teen Rookie Solos, Junior and Teen Rookie Duet/Trios

9:15 AM-12:35 PM: Teen AL Groups, Teen NL Large Groups, Teen Lines and Productions

1:15 PM-2:55 PM: Senior Duet/Trios, Teen AL Duet/Trios

3:35 PM-8:30 PM: All Senior Groups

Tentative Full Schedule:

*You can use the schedule filters to help find your child's routines. Make sure to check both stages.

*Changes are still being made so please do not print this schedule yet. If there are any schedule issues, please let us know asap.


*Bring your Big/Little a small gift of candy and a note to the competition to wish them good luck! Their favorites are listed on their questionnaire.

Competition Reminders:

  • All Company dancers must be in classes this week, including all group rehearsals and technique classes. Attendance in classes during the week of the competition is mandatory. The only acceptable reason for absences would be due to illness. If your child is contagious, please keep them home. 

  • Make a list of all items that your children need to bring to the competition - costumes, shoes, undergarments, accessories, makeup, hair products, etc., and double-check that you pack each item! Review the links on the Company page of our website or Mobile App including the Company Contact List, Costume Master List, and Hair/Makeup List. Items like socks, belts, extra hair ties, and clips are easy to forget! It is always best to be overly prepared.

  • Have your children remove any colored fingernail/toenail polish before the weekend.

  • All family members and friends who are not attending the event can watch the competition via the live stream on the HOF website. You can find this link at

  • Please arrive at the venue two hours before your child's first scheduled dance unless they are at the beginning of the day. If you leave during an extended break, please return at least one hour before your child's next routine.

  • Write out your children's individual schedules so you can double-check if there are any issues with the lineup. No dancer should have two dances back-to-back.

  • Be aware that the competition may run ahead of schedule. Make sure your children are always stretched and ready to dance as soon as possible. If we need to hold a dance due to costume changes, we will. However, soloists cannot go out of order if they are late and we can't wait for other family members to arrive before competing.

  • Each Company group has a Group Leader, and all other dancers should check in with this Group Leader before they go backstage, to make sure all dancers are present and ready to dance. Teachers may not have time to see their group dances before they go on stage. If the teacher cannot come back to see the group, the Group Leader must be responsible for getting the group backstage and checked in.

  • Teachers will most likely not have time to stretch or see soloists before they go on stage. Solos need to stretch themselves and get backstage 3 numbers before they perform.

  • Your children are welcome to sit in the auditorium when they are not competing. Please monitor your children on their breaks so they are not running through the halls, making a mess, etc.

  • Dancers may not stay backstage unless they are competing. No hanging out or watching dances from backstage, please.

  • Please treat all event staff with kindness and patience. They are doing the best they can! Bring any concerns to a CSDS teacher.

  • Remember that all families are representing Center Stage at all times throughout the weekend, not only at the venue but at restaurants, hotels, on social media, etc. Please be mindful of negative comments and keep all opinions about dancers/routines/the event to yourself.

  • NO ONE can bring any type of camera into the auditorium. NO recording of any kind. NO photography of any kind. Failure to comply with this could result in the disqualification of a routine.

Awards Ceremonies:

  • Have your children wear any CSDS clothing during their awards ceremonies.

  • Dancers are not required to stay for Awards Ceremonies, but we would like them to be there as much as possible.

  • Dancers should only attend the Awards Ceremonies for their own routines (usually happening right after their competition segment).

  • NO cell phones on stage during Awards Ceremonies.

  • Please remind your children to be quiet and courteous during awards so they can hear when their routine is called.

  • Only the Group Leader should go up to receive the medals for their group dance and then slowly and patiently pass out the awards to the other dancers in their group.

  • Remind your children to clap for all dances when they receive their awards.

Dressing Room Reminders:

  • Please do not take ANY photos or videos inside the dressing rooms and remind your children as well. You never know who may be in the back of a photo/video changing clothes. Please understand how important this is!

  • No boys are allowed in the girls' dressing rooms for any reason and no girls are allowed in the boys' dressing room for any reason.

  • Please limit the food, drinks, and candy in the dressing rooms as much as possible. We do not want any food or drinks getting on costumes.

  • We will bring a steamer for use as needed. Please iron/steam all costumes that can be.

  • Use A LOT of hairspray and gel and touch up hair/makeup (especially lipstick) between dances.

  • Have your children wear CSDS coverups over their costumes when walking through the venue.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to finishing our regional season!




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