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Kollman's Fundraiser

CSDS Staff

Apr 9, 2024

Full Company

Hello Company Families,

Our final fundraiser of the season will be a Kollman's Greenhouse Gift Voucher Sale. Kollman's is located at 8935 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg, OH 44087.  

Gift Voucher Options and Terms:

1.    10” Hanging Basket* (SUN or SHADE) - $30

2.    Flat of 18 Annuals (some exceptions)** - $24

3.    One Vegetable Plant in 4” Pot - $5 

Paper Vouchers must be turned in to redeem, no digital copies accepted.

*Hanging Basket combinations are unique to Kollman’s Greenhouse and done at planting

**Exceptions: Flats do not include Bedding Geraniums, Herbs, Spikes, or Quarts.

Sales ends Friday, April 26th (Profit will be deposited into dancer's accounts by the end of April).

Profit earned is $13.00 per hanging basket voucher, $11.50 per flat voucher, and $2.50 per vegetable plant voucher.


1.    Collect your gift voucher orders and payment at time of sale.  

2.    At the end of the sale complete the following Google Form with all of your dancer's orders. There is a place on the form to indicate whether you will be submitting your payment to the CSDS Venmo account or turning in cash (in a clearly labeled envelope) to the front desk.

3.    Once your order is received and confirmed, paper gift vouchers will be placed in your folder to be delivered to your customers.

4.    Each gift voucher will be uniquely numbered and we will maintain a master list of gift vouchers sold. 

5.    Customers may shop during regular business hours, and select their own plants.  Kollman’s Greenhouse will collect the voucher from the customer.  No money will be exchanged and no receipt will be issued to your customer.

6.    All vouchers must be redeemed by May 27, 2024. Colors, sizes, and quantities are subject to availability.

Any questions? E-mail


-CSDS Staff

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