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Master Classes 11/7 & 11/9

Mitchel Federan

Nov 6, 2023

Elite & Pre-Pro

Hi Elite Families!

MJ is coming back in tomorrow and Nick Young will be here on Thursday! These classes will be free for the dancers that are scheduled to take them. We expect all of our dancers to be present in these classes. MJ's master classes are scheduled for Elite Ballets 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5.

MJ will be rehearsing/cleaning Group #'s 10, 13, 14. If dancers have other classes during these rehearsals, they will miss those classes to work with MJ.

We have added the schedules for 11/7 and 11/9 to our Master Classes Google Sheet so you can see the changes to the schedule. The changes are minimal. 

*If any other tappers ages 12+ would like to take Nick Young's master class on Thursday, who are not in #50 Elite Tap, they are welcome to, just let us know!



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