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Nationals Practice Schedule

Arielle Libertore

May 7, 2024

Elite & Pre-Pro

Hi Elite & Pre-Pro Families!

Here is the finished Nationals Practice Schedule for June 30th - July 5th. Each group has two practice sessions throughout the week, so please check each day and let us know if your children have any overlaps for group practices. It is crucial that your children attend these nationals practices. We are all investing a lot of time and money into our Orlando nationals this year and we want our group dances to look their very best! There is no additional charge for these group practices. 

Nationals Practice Schedule Link:

Solo & Duet Privates:

During Nationals Practices, our teachers have opened up the times they are available for private lessons. These privates will be 20 minutes each and cost $30 per private. Duets/Trios will split the $30 rate for their slot. These privates are optional. We will start by allowing each dancer to sign up for ONE solo private and one duet/trio private for the week. If we have slots left over, we will e-mail you again and allow people to sign up for more.

We have created a booking system on our website for you to see when each teacher is available and what time slots can be booked from June 30th - July 5th. When you click on a date/time, check to see which teacher's name appears, if more than one teacher is available, a Preferences drop-down menu will pop up with the staff members that are available at that time. Choose a staff member and finish booking the timeslot. You can also filter by staff member to see when a particular teacher is available. We currently have Alex Haag, Alyssa, Ari, Jordan, and Grace on this booking system. If you would like to book another teacher, please reach out to them to see if they are available. These slots are first-come-first-serve so book them soon! Make sure you aren't booking a solo private during any of your child's group practices.

Privates Booking Link:

*You must have an account on our website to book your timeslot. 

*Please sign up for ONE solo private slot per dancer and ONE private slot for a duet/trio. 

Let us know if you have any questions :)



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