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Opening Number / Finale 2024

Alyssa Verdino

Apr 23, 2024

Full Company

Hi Company Families!

We wanted to send out some updated information for our Opening Number, Finale, and the weekend of May 17-19:

We have decided to do a LIVE Opening Number this year, on stage at the Friday Company Show of our Recital. The number will only be performed on Friday, not at the mini shows on Saturday. There will still be video elements and transitions throughout the number, but the piece will happen live on stage. We wanted to change things up this year after doing several fully filmed numbers. It's going to be an epic, 7.5-minute, Taylor Swift routine featuring all of our Company Dancers and the styles of Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Ballroom! 

We have also decided against filming the Hip Hop Crews this year, this will save you the $75 filming fee and will save the dancers' time and energy. Dancers will not be needed on Friday, May 17th or Sunday, May 19th.

This means that we will only need ALL Company dancers on Saturday, May 18th to rehearse every section of the Opening Number and Finale at CSDS. We have started teaching the opening number this week and will begin the finale next week. But the one and only time that we can put this all together before recital is on May 18th, so please make sure your child is free that day. We will finish the day by walking over to Lee Eaton to run the numbers with more space to dance in the gym. All dancers will be ready to get picked up from Lee Eaton at 5:00 pm.

A specific schedule for May 18th has been created. It's important to read through the breakdown of which dancers are in each section so you can ensure your child doesn't miss any rehearsals. There will be several rooms rehearsing the opening number at once that day. 

The $50 fee for Opening Number still applies, and is being used to pay each of the choreographers for the Opening Number, to rent Lee Eaton for rehearsal, and to pay for specific costume pieces and accessories. 


*We need each Company dancer to purchase/put together the following on their own:

  • An all-white outfit: Hip Hop styled, over-sized, that you can still move and dance in (think cropped hoodies, vests, cropped long sleeve t-shirts, etc. and sweatpants, cargo pants, joggers, etc. but ALL WHITE with no other colors, stripes, or logos). 

  • Black hip hop shoes (many have these from a hip hop dance, need to be plain all-black).

  • Female Elite Dancers also need a tight-fitting, all-black outfit that can be worn under the white outfit and then once the white outfit is taken off, can be worn for certain sections of the dance (sports bras, camisoles, cropped t-shirts, leggings, bike shorts, booty shorts, etc. but must be tight-fitting).

  • Elite Dancers in Ballroom need Ballroom Shoes or they cannot perform in the Ballroom sections. 

Schedule & Section Breakdown:

Note: male dancers are not in the Jazz Sections 1, 2, 3 of the Opening Number

*We are working on video breakdowns of each section for dancers who miss classes these next few weeks and will send out the Dropbox when those videos are complete!

Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!


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