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Pep Rallies!

Mitchel Federan

Feb 9, 2024

Full Company

Hi Company Families!

With our first full-Company competition comes our first Pep Rally of the season on Thursday, February 15th!

Your children should know which color team they are on for the year, but if not, you can review the color teams by clicking here.

Pep Rally details:

We love to emphasize Team Spirit at CSDS! We want our students to always remember that dance is a team sport, and their spots on the team hold a responsibility to all other Company dancers at the studio! To help drum up more team spirit and get hyped for competitions, we hold Pep Rallies at the studio on the Thursday evenings of our full Company Competition weekends:

Thursday, February 15

Thursday, April 11

Thursday, April 25

*All held at Center Stage

We split up our Company dancers into six teams, each with their own designated color. We have also chosen Team Captains per group. These are the dancers we felt best represented and embodied the team spirit and responsibility it takes to be a Team Captain! We announced the Team Captains at the Big/Little Reveal Party and the captains have since had meetings to prepare for their first pep rally.

Congratulations to our 16 Team Captains:

Pink Team: Blair Little

Yellow Team: Addison Beach, Stella Henry

Red Team: Kensley Thomas, Lola Seaman

Green Team: Ivy Strilesky, Makayla Craig, Presleigh Grant

Purple Team: Ava Kapadia, Avery Palmer, Brenna Grant, Caleb Livingston

Blue Team: Avery Jakacki, Casie Crawford, Jessica Garvas, Taylor Strilesky

For each of the three Thursdays, the teams will have their Pep Rallies from 7:15-9:00 pm. We will be restructuring the schedule to not miss any Company group rehearsals on Thursdays (this updated schedule will be sent out on Monday with the details & reminders for VIP). We will also have a parent social on these Thursdys so our families can get to know each other better. We sent out details about our first Parent Social in a separate email last week. 

If your children are not already at the studio on Thurdays, please make sure they arrive no later than 7:15 pm and they can be picked up at 9:00 pm. If dancers are in class, we will end a few minutes early so they can change clothes for the Pep Rally. Make sure they bring their outfits with them next Thursday!

Company dancers should dress in their team color and have fun with team spirit (crazy hair, face paint, team color accessories, etc.). Each team will learn the CSDS chants that we will use at competitions this year, play games, eat, and do activities with their Big/Little. 

Pep Rally Teams:

We are so excited to get started with competition season!

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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