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Photos/Videos in Dressing Rooms

Mitchel Federan

Feb 1, 2024

Full Company

Hi Parents,

I wanted to send out a separate email to really hit home this rule that we put in all of our Details & Reminders emails but is not being followed:

  • Please do not take ANY photos or videos inside the dressing rooms and remind your children as well. You never know who may be in the back of a photo/video changing clothes. Please understand how important this is!

There were MANY photos from the dressing rooms posted online. This is dangerous to do as you may not notice it while taking/posting, but there could easily be dancers changing in the background. We need to protect everyone's privacy and safety. Please talk to your children about this as they may also be taking photos and making Tik Toks in the dressing room and not paying attention to who is behind them. 

We love seeing photos/videos from competitions and events but please do not take them inside the dressing rooms. We appreciate your attention to this matter!

Thank you,


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