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Recital Lineups 2024

CSDS Staff

May 2, 2024

Full Company

Hello CSDS Families!

If you have not done so already, please double-check our Recital Lineups as soon as you can. Our Dress Rehearsal Lineup, Friday Shows, and Saturday Shows can all be found on the same Google Sheet. Just make sure to view all tabs. It may be easier to view on a computer instead of a cell phone. The dress rehearsal lineup is different than the show lineups, so please ensure you are looking at the correct tab.

*If any instance of your child's name is misspelled or should be added to/removed from a dance, please let us know no later than May 11th.

*Most Prep Team dances will not be rehearsing at the dress rehearsal, so if you don't see your child's Prep dance listed that day, this just means the teacher did not feel they needed the extra rehearsal. We still ask that all dancers attend the Finale Rehearsal and the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, June 6th at Nordonia High School.

May 11th is the deadline to let us know about any Recital Lineup changes that need to be made before they are added to our programs.

Let us know if you have any questions! Make sure to read through our Recital Instructions Packet and find more information on the Recital page of our website.

Thank You!

-CSDS Staff

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