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Recital Reminders - Please Read!

Arielle Libertore

Jun 4, 2024

Full Company

Hello Company Families!

We have some important reminders for Recital Weekend that we urge you to read through so your children are prepared!


Exchange a Photo Gift at the Recital with your Big/Little. This could be any gift with a photo(s) of you and your Big/Little (frames, collages, etc.). 

Big/Little Photos Dropbox (if you'd like to use these photos)

Thursday, June 6th

*At Nordonia High School

8006 S Bedford Rd

Macedonia, OH 44056

*Park in the rear of the school and enter through the Auditorium doors.

6:15 pm - Company Dancers Arrive

  • Company dancers should come to Dress Rehearsal wearing their Recital T-shirt and black bottoms (shorts, leggings, joggers, sweats, etc.). If your child does not have their Recital t-shirt yet, we will have them at the high school for them to pick up. 

  • Company dancers should have their hair & makeup fully done (the same as they wear for competitions) as we will be filming and taking photographs during the rehearsal day. The only thing they do not need on Thursday is fake eyelashes. They will be barefoot for finale.

Company dancers must bring their outfits & accessories for the Opening Number on Thursday & Friday:

  • An all-white outfit: Hip Hop styled, over-sized

  • Black hip hop shoes (socks can be worn at your discretion, white or black)

  • ACCESSORIES given out at the Opening Number Rehearsal in May including Red Bandanas (Elite), Ballroom Skirts and Shrugs (Elite Ballroom), Red Fingerless Gloves (Elite Jazz), and Long Skirts (Pre-Pro). We kept the Red tinted Sunglasses that our Company Jazz dancers need for "Calm Down" and will hand those out before they dance. If your child did not receive any of these accessories, we will have them at the high school to give them. 

  • Female Elite Dancers need a tight-fitting, all-black outfit that can be worn under the white outfit and then once the white outfit is taken off, can be worn for certain sections of the dance (sports bras, cropped tank tops, bike shorts or booty shorts, no leggings or pants, must be tight-fitting).

  • Elite Dancers in Ballroom need Ballroom Shoes or they cannot perform in the Ballroom sections. 

  • Upon arrival, dancers should immediately go to the dressing rooms to drop off belongings, check-in with teachers, and head to the audience. Audience members will enter the auditorium after dropping off children and can find any seat in the audience.

6:30-7:00 pm - Rec/Prep/Company Finale Rehearsal

7:00-8:00 pm - Awards Ceremony

  • We would love for all of our dancers and families to be at the Awards Ceremony where we will present our Graduating Seniors, 5, 10, and 15-Year Award Winners, Ballet Training Program Trainees, Dancer of the Year, and more! Dancers will sit in the audience during the Awards Ceremony.

8:00-8:15 pm - Company Finale Rehearsal (Updated)

*Change into Opening Number outfits. 

8:15-8:45 pm - Company Opening Number Rehearsal (Updated)

8:45-9:00 pm - On Stage Rehearsal for the following Company Groups: When Will I Learn, Americano, & Up Stage Crew

9:15-9:45 pm - Ballet Training Program Dress Rehearsal

Friday, June 7th

*At Nordonia High School

2:00 pm - Seating for Pre-Show Begins

2:30 pm - Solo/Duet/Trio Pre-Show

  • The final Solo/Duet/Trio Pre-Show Schedule has been created. If your child is dancing in the Solo/Duet/Trio Pre-Show, they must arrive one hour before their scheduled performance time, in full hair/makeup/costume. 

  • Audience members must have a ticket to the Friday show to gain access to the Solo/Duet/Trio Pre-Show. Please sit in your reserved seats for the Pre-Show that you purchased for the Company Show.

4:30 pm - Seating for Graduating Senior Show Begins

4:30 pm - All Graduating Seniors & Parents of Graduating Seniors meet back stage left for senior walk.

  • All graduating seniors (even those not performing in the Graduating Senior Showcase) will come back stage with their parents to walk across the stage and take a photo, just like we did at the Winter Showcase. 

  • All Seniors should bring their sashes to wear for the walk.

  • Seniors who are performing in the showcase should be in their costumes with full hair/makeup done. The rest of our seniors should be in full hair/makeup as well but can wear their Recital t-shirts. 

*The final Solo/Duet/Trio Pre-Show Lineup & Graduating Senior Showcase Lineup can be found by clicking here (2nd tab).

5:00 pm - All Company dancers arrive and head to dressing rooms to drop off belongings, check in, and stretch. Dancers must be in full hair/makeup including fake eyelashes and have their Opening Number costumes on. Don't forget all Company group costumes, shoes, accessories, and finale t-shirt/black bottoms. 

5:30 pm - Doors open for the Company show. Audience members who attended the Pre-Show or Graduating Senior Show do not need to clear out of the auditorium between shows, as long as they are sitting in their reserved seats.

6:00 pm - Company Show

  • Mandatory for all Company dancers.

  • Parents: please limit being in the dressing rooms to an as-needed basis.

  • Click here to view the lineup for our Friday Show (3rd tab).

  • If you did not purchase tickets for the Friday Show, we will have the additional tickets available to buy at the door until they sell out. 

Saturday, June 8

*At Nordonia High School

  • Saturday Recital Shows are Mandatory for all Company dancers

  • Please arrive at least one hour before the show(s) your children are dancing in. Dancers must be in full hair/makeup including fake eyelashes and have their 1st costume on. We will NOT be performing the Opening Number for the Saturday Shows. Don't forget all Company group costumes, shoes, accessories, and finale t-shirt/black bottoms. 

  • Parents: please limit being in the dressing rooms to an as-needed basis.

10:00 am - Ballet Training Program Performance

12:00 pm - Show 1

2:30 pm - Show 2

5:00 pm - Show 3

  • Saturday's shows will be around 1.5-2 hours each. 

  • Click here to view the lineups for our Saturday Shows (tabs 4-7). Make sure to view all tabs.

  • Dancers must be in the dressing room ten numbers before their dance goes on stage.

  • Company dancers only need to dance in the Finales of the shows they are performing in. Graduating Seniors must perform in all three finales on Saturday.

  • One Saturday ticket gives admission to all three Saturday shows. If you did not purchase tickets for the Saturday Show, we will have the additional tickets available to buy at the door. 

Photo/Video Orders:

Purchase professional photos & videos from our 2024 Recital!

  • Digital downloads via Dropbox are available for purchase. Please select your options on the Photo/Video Order Form online by June 30th by clicking here.

Text/E-mail us with any questions as we will not be in the studio to take phone calls the rest of the week. 



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