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Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase - Final Call

Arielle Libertore

Jan 1, 2024

Full Company

Hi Company Parents & Happy New Year!

We will be creating the Solo, Duet, Trio lineup next week so this is the final week to let us know if your child would like to perform at the Winter Showcase. Please double-check the link below if you have already emailed us to make sure they are included in the SDT list. Details below:

If you have a dancer who has a Solo/Duet/Trio, and you want them to perform in the Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase on January 28th starting at 9:00 am, please e-mail us back with the following information:

  1. Dancers Name(s)

  2. Titles of Solos/Duets/Trios

*Please discuss doing duets/trios with the parents of the other dancers in the routine before e-mailing us to make sure they agree.


Solos - $70 per solo

Duets/Trios - $40 per dancer

*Up to 2 solos per dancer. The cost includes audio critiques from three judges and high-quality videos shared with you via Dropbox.


The Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase isn't mandatory but it is a great way for your children to get on stage before competition season and receive helpful feedback from our teachers as well as a video of the performance.

A current list of Solos/Duets/Trios can be found on the 4th tab of this Google Sheet:



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