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Solos/Duets/Trios 2024

Arielle Libertore

Dec 5, 2023

Full Company

Hello Company Parents!

This is an important e-mail for those of you whose children compete solos, duets, or trios. Please read it fully.

We have compiled a list per competition of the solos, duets, & trios that we plan on entering for each event. It is crucial that you look through each of the tabs on the Google Sheet to let us know if there are any errors, or if you would like to remove any of your children's solos/duets/trios from any particular competition. If you would like your child's level changed from Intermediate to Advanced or Advanced to Intermediate, or have any questions about their current level placement, just let us know!

For Adrenaline & JUMP: We are only given a limited number of solo entries. We have chosen the exact dancers that will be representing our studio at these events based on a multitude of factors including age division and level. We want to be represented across all age divisions and this was a large part of how we went about choosing who would get to compete at these two events. If your child is not listed for Adrenaline or JUMP, they were not chosen to compete their solo at this event. 

For our three main regionals (VIP, KAR, and Hall of Fame): Your children are welcome to compete all of their solos, but are not required to.

We started by adding all of your children's current solos, duets, and trios, but can remove any per event if you would like. Just let us know as soon as possible as we are already in the process of registering entries for each of our competitions. Your timeliness on this is greatly appreciated!

Solo/Duet/Trio Entries Link:

Thank You!


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