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Winter Showcase Details & Reminders

Arielle Libertore

Jan 22, 2024

Full Company

Hello Company Families!


This e-mail contains very important information for our Winter Showcase on Saturday, January 27th, and Sunday, January 28th. Please read it in its entirety. 


We are so excited to see all of our Company dancers back on stage! We want to explain how the Winter Showcase days will run to ensure our students are ready to perform. Please make sure your children attend all of their dance classes this week leading up to the showcase!!



Cuyahoga Falls High School

2300 4th St

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

*Park in the back of the school and find the entrance with our Winter Showcase sign.



Saturday, January 27:

9:00 am - 10:00 pm - Company Group Dress Rehearsal

*Specific times are listed on the Dress Rehearsal Lineup.


Sunday, January 28:

9:00 am - 2:10 pm - Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm - Company Group Showcase

*Specific times are listed on the SDT Showcase & Company Group Showcase Lineups.



$60 per Company family has been billed to your Payment Portal accounts. The cost includes four tickets to the Winter Showcase on Sunday. Tickets are not needed for Saturday’s Dress Rehearsal. Additional tickets can be purchased for $10 each online, at the front desk, or the high school on Saturday or Sunday.


Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase Cost:

Cost: Solos - $70 per solo, Duet/Trios - $40 per person

The price includes critiques from three judges and videos sent via Dropbox after the event.

*Billed to Payment Portal accounts.


  • On sale now for all families & friends!

  • Cost: $10 per ticket.

  • Sold online and at the door if available.

  • Each Company family receives four tickets to the show. Additional tickets can be purchased for $10 each.

  • All Showcase tickets are general admission seating. Purchasing one ticket gains access to the Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase and the Winter Showcase.

  • Anyone taking a seat in the auditorium must have a ticket. 

  • Children 3 & under may sit on their parent's lap for free. But if they will be sitting in a seat, a ticket must be purchased.

  • Tickets may be picked up in our office starting January 5th or at the door on January 27th or 28th.

  • Tickets are not needed for the Dress Rehearsal.

  • *If parents do not want their children to stay in the dressing room during the show, it is their option to purchase a ticket so they can be in the audience with them. Dancers must be in the dressing room ten numbers before their dance goes on stage, and must be dressed in a cover-up over costumes while in the audience.

*Concessions (cash only) and CSDS Merch (Cash, Credit Card, Payment Portal) will be sold in the lobby on Saturday and Sunday.

*Both Saturday and Sunday are full costumes, hair, and makeup for Company dancers. Your children may still be receiving some of their costumes this coming week. The goal is that they will have all costumes in time for the Winter Showcase. Keep checking your children's file folders at the studio as some costumes will be put in there. 


Dress Rehearsal Details:

  • Saturday, January 27th will run in a rehearsal format. Each dance will have approx. 10 minutes on stage followed by a 5-minute switch over to the next group.

  • Each group will run their dance two times on stage. The teachers will give critiques and adjust spacing where needed. 

  • Dancers must arrive at the venue in full hair and makeup one hour prior to their first rehearsal time. As soon as they arrive, they must check in at the dressing rooms and get dressed.

  • Have your children remove any colored fingernail/toenail polish before the weekend.

  • We will be using the hairstyle and makeup specified at the Hair/Makeup Clinic.

  • If you did not attend the clinic, it is important to watch our Hair Tutorial & Makeup Tutorial before the showcase to know how Center Stage dancers wear their hair and makeup. Make sure you have the specific products we are using this year on the Hair & Makeup Master List.

  • Please refer to our Costume Master List to make sure your children have all the proper undergarments, accessories, hairpieces, etc.

  • All parents are welcome in the dressing rooms but to help alleviate dressing room congestion, please only go into the dressing rooms if/when needed.

  • With the help of teachers, we will be lining up dances in the hallway and backstage, so the rehearsal runs smoothly.

  • We will have one very large dressing room designated as the girls’ dressing room, a quick-change dressing room for the girls near backstage (to be used as needed), and one dressing room for boys. Signs will be posted to direct dancers to the correct rooms and teachers will be helping as well.

  • No dancer should have two groups back-to-back. They will have at least 15 minutes to change into their next group costume.

  • Please check the Dress Rehearsal Lineup (first tab of Google Sheet).

Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase Details:

  • All dancers who are performing in our Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase on Sunday, January 28th must arrive at least one hour before their performance time.

  • We are not able to add any additional solos/duets/trios or make any lineup changes at this time.

  • Please check the Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase Lineup (second tab of Google Sheet).


Company Group Winter Showcase Details:

  • All Company dancers must arrive for the showcase no later than 1:30 pm in full hair and makeup.

  • The Company Group Showcase will run like a show: all dances will be performed in a row with one 15-minute intermission.

  • Teachers and volunteers will be in the dressing rooms and backstage to help line up each upcoming dance.

  • If your child needs individual help to change costumes, please know that you will need to be in the dressing room helping them change and cannot sit in the audience the entire time. Parents may come and go from the audience between dances as needed.

  • Please check the Company Group Showcase Lineup (3rd tab of Google Sheet) which is different than the rehearsal lineup to make sure your children have at least two dances between their routines to change costumes.


Dressing Room Reminders:

  • Please do not take ANY photos or videos inside the dressing rooms and remind your children as well. You never know who may be in the back of a photo/video changing clothes. Please understand how important this is!

  • No boys are allowed in the girls' dressing rooms for any reason and no girls are allowed in the boys' dressing room for any reason.

  • Please limit food, drinks, and candy in the dressing rooms as much as possible. We do not want any food or drinks getting on costumes. 

  • Please iron/steam all costumes that can be. 

  • Use A LOT of hairspray and gel and touch up hair/makeup (especially lipstick) between dances. 

  • Please make sure to remind your children to take all their belongings with them at the end of each day and to clean up after themselves.


Big/Little Reminder:

Wear your shirt on Saturday or Sunday (plan with Big/Little), take a photo together, and send it to us through our Mobile App!

*Bring your Big/Little a small gift of candy and a note to wish them good luck! Their favorites are listed on their questionnaire.

Dress Rehearsal Lineup: (First tab of Google Sheet)


Solo/Duet/Trio Showcase Lineup: (Second tab of Google Sheet)

Company Group Showcase Lineup: (Third Tab of Google Sheet)


Hair Tutorial:

Makeup Tutorial:

Hair/Makeup Master List:


Company Costume Master List:

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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