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Elite Team Feels the Adrenaline!

Our Elite & Pre-Pro dancers headed to Detroit, MI this past weekend to compete and take workshop classes from the incredible faculty at Adrenaline! As a precursor to our Nationals this summer, it was an important weekend for our dancers and they did not disappoint! We were inspired by high-caliber studios and our students learned so much!

Want to see behind-the-scenes? Check out the highlights from the weekend:

We want to congratulate our two Company Dancers of the Weekend for Adrenaline, chosen by our teachers: Ivy Strilesky & Reese Grabram! These young ladies danced their hearts out and supported their teammates all weekend! Great job girls! 🥳

🏆 Top Overall Winners & Achievements Mini Solo:

2nd Overall - Noelle Detwiller

4th Overall - Grey Evans

7th Overall - Lilliana Sliwinski

Mini Duet/Trio:

2nd Overall - Toy Soldier

Mini Small Group:

3rd Overall - Watch What I Got

Mini Large Group:

6th Overall - Dream State

Mini Line:

1st Overall - California

Mini All Heart Award: California

Junior Solo:

2nd Overall - Annie Taylor

4th Overall - Charlie Springer

5th Overall - Alicia Li

9th Overall - Ava McLendon

Junior Small Group:

1st Overall - The Louvre

4th Overall - Drag Me Out

Junior Large Group:

1st Overall - The Chain

2nd Overall - For You To Be Here

Junior Line:

1st Overall - Down Stage Crew

Junior All Heart Award: The Louvre

Teen Solo:

2nd Overall - Selina Li

3rd Overall - Maura Matuska

7th Overall - Caleb Livingston

10th Overall - Jordan Officer

Teen Small Group:

2nd Overall - Photograph

6th Overall - Rumble

10th Overall - When Will I Learn

Teen Large Group:

4th Overall - Settin’ Sail

6th Overall - Where Are You Taking Me?

Teen Line:

3rd Overall - Mid Stage Crew

4th Overall - Innocence And Sadness

6th Overall - Vibeology

Teen Production:

1st Overall - Blue Crew

Senior Solo:

5th Overall - Lily Detwiller

7th Overall - Reese Gabram

9th Overall - Taylor Strilesky

Senior Duet/Trio:

2nd Overall - The Last Of Our Kind

10th Overall - Midnight

Senior Small Group:

7th Overall - I Won’t Complain

9th Overall - Favorite Crime

Senior Large Group:

1st Overall - Up Stage Crew

4th Overall - Nicest Thing

Senior Line:

1st Overall - Americano

2nd Overall - Renegade

Senior Production:

1st Overall - I’m The Man

📜 Convention Scholarships & Achievements

Video Crew Scholarship:

London Pride

Maggie Anzells

Serene Hameed

Single Convention Scholarship:

Iris Wu

Ivy Strilesky

Kai Hinds

Kaiya Millirons

Kendall Millirons

Layla Shaffer

Makayla Craig

Sasha Hameed

Mini Honored Dancer Nominee:

Grey Evans

Lilliana Sliwinski

Noelle Detwiller

Skylar Waldon

Junior Honored Dancer Nominee:

Alicia Li

Annie Taylor

Ava McLendon

Presleigh Grant

Teen Honored Dancer Nominee:

Anderson Talley

Avery Wolak

Caleb Livingston

Jordan Officer

Senior Honored Dancer Nominee:

Ava Poploski

Avery Jakacki

Reese Gabram

Parent Crew Scholarship: Deirdre Mattina

Mini Elite Honored Dancer Nominee: Bella Bruce

Teen Elite Honored Dancer Nominee: Selina Li

Sportsmanship Award: Center Stage Dance Studio

Seeing our students work together to overcome injuries makes us so proud! Being an Elite Company dancer is hard work, and our students have handled every challenge that has come their way this season. We are excited to do it all over again very soon!

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