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Finishing Out Our 2023 Regional Season


We ended our regional competition season in Detroit at the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge and walked away with all six inductions into the Hall of Fame (a first-time achievement for CSDS)! Three solo inductees, three group inductees, and even two MVP duet videos!

We are particularly proud that our three group inductees are from three different style routines: Junior Jazz, Teen Hip Hop, and Senior Contemporary. We teach the importance of being a well-rounded dancer, and this achievement reminds us that our students are on the right track! Congratulations dancers and teachers!! 🌟

You won't want to miss some of the highlights from the weekend - watch our dancers shine:

➡️ Weekend Recap Video

Our two Company Dancers of the Weekends chosen by our teachers are Noelle Detwiller & Serene Hameed! 🎉 These girls worked so hard and supported their teammates all weekend! Congrats girls 🫶

We are beaming with pride for all of our dancers, and we wanted to shout out some of the highlights from Hall of Fame:

🏆 Top Overall Winners & Achievements

Little League Solos:

1st Overall - Bella Bruce

3rd Overall - Giuliana Savage

3rd Overall - Victoria Ashworth

Little League Large Groups:

1st Overall - Ay Caramba

4th Overall - Chain Hang Low

Future Hall Of Famer National Solos:

1st Overall - Grey Evans

4th Overall - Olivia Ashworth

5th Overall - Harlee Mason

6th Overall - Sienna Wilson

Future Hall Of Famer American Solos:

4th Overall - Lilliana Sliwinski

Future Hall Of Famer Duet/Trios:

1st Overall - Funkytown

2nd Overall - Boogie Wonderland

3rd Overall - Work

Future Hall Of Fame Small Groups:

1st Overall - 1000 Oceans

2nd Overall - New Attitude

Future Hall Of Famer Large Groups:

2nd Overall - Only We Know

2nd Overall - Ice Cream

3rd Overall - Sugar Pie

Junior National Solos:

3rd Overall - Savanna Buck

5th Overall - Bristol Vitt

5th Overall - Kingsley Cheung

7th Overall - Charlotte Tsilimos

8th Overall - Giovanna Savage

Junior American Solos:

1st Overall - Annie Taylor

3rd Overall - Alicia Li

4th Overall - Noelle Detwiller

5th Overall - Ava McLendon

6th Overall - Layla Shaffer

6th Overall - Charlie Springer

9th Overall - Presleigh Grant

Junior American Duets/Trios:

1st Overall - Hugging You

Junior National Small Groups:

1st Overall - Half Light

3rd Overall - Love Shack

Junior American Small Groups:

1st Overall - Big Mouth

2nd Overall - Get Ready

3rd Overall - Wild Horses

Junior National Large Groups:

1st Overall - Hokey Pokey

2nd Overall - Ninjas

4th Overall - You Really Got Me

8th Overall - We Got The Beat

Junior American Large Groups:

1st Overall - All Night

2nd Overall - It’s Been A Year

Junior American Lines:

1st Overall - Barbie

Teen National Solos:

1st Overall - Rory Kaltenbach

3rd Overall - Vanessa Hauzie

4th Overall - Caleb Livingston

5th Overall - Emma Utterback

8th Overall - Giada Cefaratti

Teen American Solos:

1st Overall - Sean Detwiller

2nd Overall - Selina Li

3rd Overall - Maura Matuska

4th Overall - Colette McIvor

5th Overall - Jordan Officer

6th Overall - Zoey Xie

7th Overall - Brenna Grant

Teen National Duets/Trios:

3rd Overall - The Carters

Teen American Duets/Trios:

1st Overall - Knockin Em Down

2nd Overall - My Eyes

Teen National Small Groups:

1st Overall - I Would

2nd Overall - Rollin’

5th Overall - Me Against The Music

10th Overall - Forest Fires

Teen American Small Groups:

1st Overall - Creator

2nd Overall - You Move Away

3rd Overall - Automatic

Teen National Large Groups:

2nd Overall - Talk

6th Overall - Heads Will Roll

7th Overall - Purple Hat

Teen American Large Groups:

1st Overall - Stole The Show

Teen American Lines:

1st Overall - Destination Unknown

Teen American Productions:

1st Overall - Blue Crew

Senior National Solos:

3rd Overall - Kendall Massey

6th Overall - Cassidy While

8th Overall - Emma Selbee

9th Overall - Jaden Vitt

Senior American Solos:

1st Overall - Aly Kramer

2nd Overall - Lilya Bucknell

3rd Overall - Taylor Strilesky

6th Overall - Lily Detwiller

10th Overall - Sabrina Esser

Senior National Duets/Trios:

5th Overall - The Ending

Senior American Duets/Trios:

3rd Overall - Burn Your Life Down

Senior National Small Groups:

1st Overall - Writer In The Dark

Senior American Small Groups:

1st Overall - The Final Stage

2nd Overall - Sent Messages

7th Overall - Whiplash

8th Overall - Gone Away

Senior National Large Groups:

1st Overall - Salvation

Senior American Large Groups:

1st Overall - Pretending To Be Myself

4th Overall - Mathematics

9th Overall - Up Stage Crew

Senior National Lines:

1st Overall - On The Floor

Senior American Lines:

2nd Overall - The Last Time

3rd Overall - Shiver

4th Overall - Runway

19+ Rookie Lines:

1st Overall - Back Stage Crew

Junior Hall of Fame Inductees:

Annie Taylor

Big Mouth

Teen Hall of Fame Inductees:

Sean Detwiller

Blue Crew

Senior Hall of Fame Inductees:

Aly Kramer

The Final Stage

A huge congratulations once again to our dancers and teachers, what a way to end our 35th Regional Season!

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