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An Amazing Start to the Year: January 2023 Recap

Every year, our students prove that they just keep getting better and better. 2023 has already exceeded our expectations (and we know how amazing these dancers are!). If the start of this year is any indication of what's to come, we know it will be an absolutely incredible dance season.

Check out some of the highlights from our January performances and competitions and see how the hard work of CSDS dancers has been paying off!


Our Blue Crew did a fantastic job performing at the Cleveland Cavaliers game on January 2nd! The insanely talented Greg Chapkis came to choreograph their new piece. and we were BLOWN AWAY by their performance.

They received rave reviews from the Cavs organization and fans in the crowd!

We are so proud of this group and can't wait to see them do more this season! Check out the video links below:


We had a fantastic kick-off to our competition season with our Pre-Pro Company at DanceMakers in Indianapolis!

Our dancers loved the convention classes and worked together and supported each other during the competition. We are so proud of them!

We started a new tradition during our first competition of 2023: The Company Dancer of the Weekend. Decided upon by our teachers at the end of each competition this season, this award is given to the dancer that the teachers felt best represented our team, gave their best effort all weekend, and was kind and supportive of others. For DanceMakers, the Company Dancer of the Weekend was LILYA BUCKNELL!! Congratulations, Lilya!

Scholarship Winners 🔖

Erica’s National Senior Scholarship: Maura Matuska

Channing’s National Teen Scholarship: Colette McIvor

Keith’s National Junior Scholarship: Noelle Detwiller

Wild Things Scholarship: Sean Detwiller, Sam Evans, Erin Duguay, Taylor Strilesky

SoulEscape Intensive Full Scholarship: Erin Duguay

Audition Regional Scholarship Winners: Sam Evans, Taylor Strilesky

🏆 Top Overall Winners

Junior Solos:

Junior High Score - Noelle Detwiller

Senior Solos:

1st Runner-Up - Sam Evans

3rd Runner-Up - Lily Detwiller

Teen Duets/Trios:

Judges Top Pick - Knockin Em Down

Teen High Score - Without Fear

Senior Duets/Trios:

3rd Overall - Burn Your Life Down

Teen Groups:

Overall Teen Group High Score - Let Me Follow

Senior Groups:

2nd Overall - Sent Messages

Senior Lines:

2nd Overall - Mathematics

Overall Senior Group High Score - Stay

Overall Group High Score - The Final Stage


We can't stop thinking about all of the amazing moments from our Winter Showcase at Cuyahoga Falls High School on January 14-15!

We are so proud of our Company dancers; it was such a special weekend!

Check out these photos & video links:


Our second Pre-Pro competition of the season was unforgettable. These dancers worked hard and learned so much at NUVO Dance Convention in Detroit.

The teachers awarded the Company Dancer of the Weekend honor to Taylor Strilesky! She truly embodied the spirit of our team this past weekend and pushed herself past her limits! We are so proud of her! Congratulations, Tay.

Scholarship Winners 🔖

Mini Breakout Artist Winner:

Noelle Detwiller

Junior Breakout Artist Winner:

Jordan Officer

Teen Breakout Artist Finalists:

Sean Detwiller

Colette McIvor

Teen Breakout Artist Winners:

Sam Evans

Maura Matuska

Senior Breakout Artist Finalists:

Lilya Bucknell

Megan Kovach

Taylor Strilesky

StandOut in Musical Theater:

Julia Zelvinsky

StandOut in Tap:

Ellie Riscili

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary:

Maggie Anzells

Lily Detwiller

Sophie Sirocky

🏆 Top Overall Winners

Junior Solos:

3rd Overall - Jordan Officer

Teen Solos:

2nd Overall - Sean Detwiller

3rd Overall - Sam Evans

4th Overall - Maura Matuska

4th Overall - Colette McIvor

Senior Solos:

6th Overall - Taylor Strilesky

6th Overall - Megan Kovach

8th Overall - Aly Kramer

10th Overall - Lilya Bucknell

Teen Duets/Trios:

1st Overall - Knockin’ Em Down

1st Overall - Without Fear

2nd Overall - My Eyes

Teen Groups:

3rd Overall - Let Me Follow

5th Overall - Stay

Teen Lines:

4th Overall - Mathematics

Senior Groups:

2nd Overall - The Final Stage

Teen Best Nu Group - Mathematics

Senior Best Nu Group - The Final Stage

We hope you enjoyed remembering all of the spectacular moments from January as much as we have. We truly can't wait to see what the rest of the season will hold. We are so grateful to have a studio full of kind, hardworking, and talented children who make us proud.

We'll be posting more highlights throughout the year - keep your eyes peeled for the exciting things happening at Center Stage!

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