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Newsworthy: Our Dancers BLEW US AWAY this Season

At Competitions and Conventions this year, we were reminded of how fantastic the children that make up #CSDS really are. Our dancers did incredible work, but what we're most proud of is the hard work they put in every week in their dance classes and how they develop as kind people during their time with us.

We got some amazing photos of the dances performed at competitions. If you missed these performances you can catch a glimpse at some of the Behind the Scenes camaraderie, beautiful dances, and some of our results through this post!


At the Lansing Center in Michigan

Our first regional Convention-Competition of the season was at NYCDA for our 12 Pre-Pro dancers. This event brought unexpected changes to group numbers due to injuries but our Pre-Pro dancers worked as a team to perform their best on stage!

Highlights from this weekend:

Breaking Bread - 1st Overall Teen Small Group & Critics Choice Winner

Arms Around You - 1st Overall Teen Duet/Trio

The Only Time - 2nd Overall Teen Large Group

Unleashed - 2nd Overall Teen Small Group

Competition - 2nd Overall Teen Duet/Trio

Sam Evans - 2nd Overall Teen Solo


Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

24/Seven was our first Elite competition of the season! This regional competition was by far one of the most challenging we've attended. But, no surprise, our CSDS dancers performed so well.

We learned so much from the talent from other top studios in the midwest and left with motivation, pride, and inspiration.

Some of the highlights from this weekend were:

Junior Extended Line:

1st Overall - Do That Conga

1st Overall - Roses On A Breeze

1st Overall - Trophies

Teen Line:

1st Overall - The Only Time

Teen Extended Line:

2nd Overall - Room To Live

3rd Overall - Pure Love

3rd Overall - Rude Boy

3rd Overall - AM to PM

11 O'Clock Winners:

Mini - Groove Thing

Junior - Roses On A Breeze

Teen - The Funk

Senior - Yesterday

Studio Showcase Winner:

The Funk

Mini Non-Sop Dancers:

Sasha Hameed - Winner

Charlie Springer - Winner

Makayla Craig

Alicia Li

Ava McLendon

Kendall Millirons

Layla Shaffer

Annie Taylor

Junior Non-Stop Dancers:

Tessa Mattina - Winner

Colette McIvor

Vanessa Hauzie

Jordan Officer

Jillian Turnbull

Teen Non-Stop Dancers:

Joelle Cherry - Winner

Sam Evans - Winner

Lilya Bucknell

Sean Detwiller

Maura Matuska

Sophia Smith

Senior Non-Stop Dancers:

Julia Strasburg - Winner

Erin Duguay

Genna Fox

Sophie Sirocky


At the Stranahan Theater & Great Hall in Toledo

CSDS Dancers at StarQuest Competition

This Competition was the start of our full Company Season and our dancers did SUCH a good job.

Each and every student shined on stage! We were awarded the ADCC Classic Studio of Excellence and the StarQuest Select Studio of Excellence for having the top 5 group scores in both the intermediate and advanced divisions!

Highlight placements from this weekend were:

Petite/Junior Select Apogee Award - Trophies

Teen/Senior Select Apogee Award - Room To Live

Petite Odyssey Award - Groove Thing

Junior Odyssey Award - Do That Conga

Teen Odyssey Award - MTV Music Awards

Senior Odyssey Award - Misery Business

Top Select Teen Small Groups:

1st Overall - Breaking Bread

Top Select Senior Small Groups:

1st Overall - Yesterday

Top Select Petite Large Groups:

1st Overall - Home To You

Top Select Junior Large Groups:

1st Overall - Trophies

Top Select Teen Large Groups:

1st Overall - AM to PM

Top Select Senior Large Groups:

1st Overall - Rude Boy

Top Select Senior Lines:

1st Overall - Pure Love

Top Select Teen/Senior Mega Lines:

1st Overall - Room To Live

Top Classic Teen Large Groups:

1st Overall - Wash Away

Top Classic Senior Lines:

1st Overall - Throw It Back

Top Nova/Classic Teen/Senior Mega Lines:

1st Overall - Luda

Top Nova Petite Small Groups:

1st Overall - Dinosaur


At the Klein Life Jewish Community Center and The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia

Our CSDS Ballet dancers are amazing!

The Youth America Grand Prix is a scholarship competition that provides education and opportunities for young dancers across the globe.

Our dancers Tessa, Sean, Selina, Lily, and Genna proved their commitment to Ballet and performed their variations gorgeously. They also took master classes from some of the top Ballet masters from around the world! It has been awesome watching our dancers grow in such a technical, and sometimes challenging, dance style.

We are so proud of them and all of the work they put in this year!


At the Cleveland Westside Masonic Temple

Our CSDS students did such an amazing job at Precision Arts. To make it even more special, our Prep Team did an OUTSTANDING job in their first competition! To say we're proud of them is an understatement. Our Top Overall Winners & Achievements:

PAC ATTACK 12 & Under Finalists:

Ballin’ Do That Conga Best In Show 12 & Under Winner: Do That Conga PAC ATTACK 13 & Up Finalists: MTV Music Awards Rude Boy Best Emotional Execution 13 & Up Winner: Room To Live

Mini Advanced Small Groups: 1st Overall - Supersonic Mini Advanced Large Groups: 1st Overall - Little Red Riding Hood

Petite Advanced Small Groups: 3rd Overall - A Million Dreams

Petite Competitive Small Groups: 1st Overall - Chapstick Petite Competitive Large Groups:

1st Overall - Home To You Petite Pre-Professional Small Groups: 1st Overall - Groove Thing

Junior Advanced Large Groups: 1st Overall - I Wonder Junior Competitive Small Groups: 1st Overall - Disco Inferno Junior Competitive Large Groups: 1st Overall - Shawty Get Loose Junior Pre-Professional Lines: 1st Overall - Do That Conga Pre-Teen Competitive Large Groups: 1st Overall - Blessed Pre-Teen Pre-Professional Small Groups: 1st Overall - Bola

Pre-Teen Pre-Professional Large Groups: 1st Overall - Roses On A Breeze Pre-Teen Pre-Professional Lines: 1st Overall - Trophies Teen Advanced Small Groups: 1st Overall - Hold Me While You Wait Teen Advanced Large Groups: 1st Overall - Rick Ross Teen Competitive Large Groups: 1st Overall - Muddy Waters Teen Pre-Professional Small Groups: 1st Overall - Unleashed

Teen Pre-Professional Lines: 1st Overall - MTV Music Awards

RADIX At the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown

Radix was our final Elite Convention/Competition!

There was some serious talent at this competition, and our students were among some of the best. We were proud to have Protégé Scholarship Winners in every age division, three Best of Radix group winners, and many On The Edge (near perfect) scores! Some highlights of our Overall Placements, Achievements, and Scholarships:

Studio Standout Award:

MTV Music Awards Best of Radix Winners: Do That Conga - Junior

MTV Music Awards - Teen The Funk - Senior Junior Extended Lines: 1st Overall - Do That Conga Teen Duet/Trios: 1st Overall - Competition Teen Productions: 1st Overall - MTV Music Awards

Mini Protégés: Alicia Li - Winner Makayla Craig Presleigh Grant Sasha Hameed Ava McLendon Layla Shaffer Charlie Springer Annie Taylor Junior Protégés: Colette McIvor - Winner Caleb Livingston Tessa Mattina Jordan Officer