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The ENTIRE Team Competes at KAR!

Updated: Apr 18

Our Prep Team dancers competed at their first competition this past weekend along with our Company dancers in Boardman, OH at KAR! Each of our dancers had the chance to shine on stage and we loved every minute! Our studio took home the Primary and Elite Studio of Excellence Awards, given to the studio with the highest rankings in each division. It was a weekend to remember! 💙🤩

Missed out on the action? Check out video highlights from the event:

➡️ KAR Recap ➡️ Prep Team Highlights

Congratulations to our two Company Dancers of the Weekend for KAR, chosen by our teachers: Matthew Merolla & Maura Matuska! These two students gave it their all on stage and made us proud. Awesome job! 🥳

🏆 Top Overall Winners & Achievements Primary Duet/Trio 5 & Under:

1st Overall - Be My Girl

Primary Large Group 5 & Under:

1st Overall - Stupid Cupid

Primary Solo 6-8:

3rd Overall - Giuliana Savage

4th Overall - Kennedy Pfouts

Primary Small Group 6-8:

3rd Overall - Supermodels

Primary Large Group 6-8:

1st Overall - Head Of My Class

2nd Overall - All Aboard

Primary Line 6-8:

1st Overall - Further Up

Primary Small Group 9-11:

5th Overall - Got It In You

Primary Large Group 12-14:

2nd Overall - Change Your Mind

Primary Solo 15-19:

1st Overall - Vinny DelGrosso

Secondary Solo 6-8:

4th Overall - Vali Vilonna

5th Overall - Blair Little

Secondary Mr. Petite Dance: Luke O’Donnell

Intermediate Solo 6-8:

1st Overall - Liliana Resendez

Intermediate Small Group 6-8:

1st Overall - The Weather Girls

Intermediate Large Group 6-8:

1st Overall - Bills

2nd Overall - Spice Up Your Life

3rd Overall - Fix You

Intermediate Line 6-8:

1st Overall - Welcome To The 2000’s

Intermediate Solo 9-11:

4th Overall - Kingsley Cheung

5th Overall - Giovanna Savage

6th Overall - Kendall Millirons

7th Overall - Saiya Fazl

9th Overall - Clara Culberson

Intermediate Duet/Trio 9-11:

1st Overall - Teach Me How To Shimmy

Intermediate Small Group 9-11:

3rd Overall - Turn The Beat Around

Intermediate Large Group 9-11:

3rd Overall - Boogie Fever

4th Overall - The Night We Met

Intermediate Line 9-11:

1st Overall - Break the Bank

Intermediate Solo 12-14:

8th Overall - Mia Mao

Intermediate Small Group 12-14:

5th Overall - With Or Without You

Intermediate Line 12-14:

1st Overall - Innocence and Sadness

Intermediate Solo 15-19:

15th Overall - Sophia Merolla

Intermediate Small Group 15-19:

1st Overall - Without You

Intermediate Line 15-19:

1st Overall - Goin’ To Miami

Elite Solo 6-8:

1st Overall - Bella Bruce

Miss Petite Dance: Bella Bruce

Elite Small Group 6-8:

1st Overall - Must Have Been Love

Elite Solo 9-11:

1st Overall - Alicia Li

2nd Overall - Noelle Detwiller

3rd Overall - Presleigh Grant

4th Overall - Layla Shaffer

6th Overall - Charlie Springer

7th Overall - Grey Evans

8th Overall - Madelyn Linick

10th Overall - Savanna Buck

Elite Junior Miss Dance: Noelle Detwiller

Elite Small 9-11:

1st Overall - Contagious

3rd Overall - Watch What I Got

Elite Large Group 9-11:

1st Overall - For You To Be Here

2nd Overall - California

5th Overall - Dream State

Elite Line 9-11:

1st Overall - Down Stage Crew

Elite Solo 12-14:

1st Overall - Annie Taylor

2nd Overall - Caleb Livingston

3rd Overall - Jordan Officer

4th Overall - Tessa Mattina

5th Overall - Iris Wu

6th Overall - Sasha Hameed

8th Overall - Ava McLendon

Elite Teen Mr. Dance: Caleb Livingston

Elite Small 12-14:

1st Overall - The Louvre

2nd Overall - Mafia

3rd Overall - Drag Me Out

Elite Large Group 12-14:

1st Overall - The Chain

Elite Solo 15-19:

1st Overall - Maura Matuska

2nd Overall - Taylor Strilesky

3rd Overall - Reese Gabram

5th Overall - Selina Li

6th Overall - Lilya Bucknell

7th Overall - Dakota Jones

8th Overall - Avery Wolak

9th Overall - Lily Detwiller 10th Overall - Ava Poploski

11th Overall - Maggie Anzells

15th Overall - Brenna Grant

Elite Miss Dance: Reese Gabram

Elite Duet/Trio 15-19:

3rd Overall - Stay Away

2nd Overall - The Last Of Our Kind

Elite Small Group 15-19:

1st Overall - Photograph

2nd Overall - I Won’t Complain

3rd Overall - Rumble

5th Overall - Favorite Crime

Elite Large Group 15-19:

1st Overall - Settin’ Sail

2nd Overall - Where Are You Taking Me?

3rd Overall - Up Stage Crew

5th Overall - Nicest Thing

Elite Line 15-19:

1st Overall - I’m The Man

2nd Overall - Americano

3rd Overall - Renegade


1st Overall - Blue Crew

Our Company dancers will be back on stage very soon at their final regional competition of the season! Sending them positive energy as they head back to Detroit!

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