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Comp Season has Begun!

We kicked off 2024 with our Pre-Pro team and several Elite Company dancers attending Nuvo Dance Convention in Detroit.

Even though it was their first time on stage, we were so proud of how our dancers performed and worked together! They walked away with several top overall awards and scholarships. Check out the results, photos, and a video recap of the event!

Video Recap:


Mini Solo:

4th Overall - Noelle Detwiller

Junior Solo:

3rd Overall - Alicia Li

9th Overall - Charlie Springer

Teen Solo: 2nd Overall - Sean Detwiller

3rd Overall - Caleb Livingston

3rd Overall - Maura Matuska

3rd Overall - Jordan Officer

6th Overall - Selina Li

6th Overall - Tessa Mattina

9th Overall - Avery Wolak

Senior Solo:

3rd Overall - Reese Gabram

4th Overall - Taylor Strilesky

7th Overall - Lily Detwiller

10th Overall - Lilya Bucknell

10th Overall - Ava Poploski

Teen Duet/Trio:

Spiral -1st Overall

Shake Up - 2nd Overall

Senior Duet/Trio:

Last Of Our Kind - 2nd Overall

Junior Groups:

The Louvre - 1st Overall

Teen Groups:

Photograph - 2nd Overall

Teen Lines:

Settin’ Sail - 1st Overall

Best Nu Groups:

Junior - The Louvre

Teen - Settin’ Sail

Mini Breakout Artist Winner:

Noelle Detwiller

Junior Breakout Artist Finalists:

Annie Taylor

Alicia Li

Junior Breakout Artist Winner:

Charlie Springer

Teen Breakout Artist Finalists:

Sean Detwiller

Caleb Livingston

Tessa Mattina

Avery Wolak

Teen Breakout Artist Winners:

Selina Li

Maura Matuska

Jordan Officer

Stand Out Scholarships:

Lily Detwiller - Ballet

Reese Gabram - Ballet

Ava McLendon - Ballet

Lilya Bucknell - Ballroom

Sophia Smith - Ballroom

Maggie Anzells - Hip Hop

Layla Shaffer - Jazz/Contemporary

Avery Jakacki - Tap

Congrats to all of our dancers - what a way to begin the year. After such an amazing start to our competition season, we're even more fired up for what the rest of this year holds - including our Winter Showcase at the end of the month!

We hope you're just as excited as we are to see our dancers shine. For more information and to purchase tickets, begin by clicking here.

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