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Company Dancers Shine at Showstopper

Showstopper was special for more reasons than one. Importantly, it was our first full-Company competition of the season! We love seeing all of our Company dancers shine and get the chance to show all of the work they've been putting into their choreography this season. We are so proud of all of them.

Sad you missed the competition? Check out some of the photos and watch the recap videos and see some of the spectacular highlights from the weekend:

As a continuation of our new favorite competition tradition, we awarded TWO Company Dancers of the Weekend: Madelyn Linick & Delaney Chand! These students danced so hard, cheered on and helped their teammates, and made their teachers proud. Congrats, girls!

🏆 Top Overall Winners

Mini Advanced Solos:

2nd Overall - Bella Bruce

2nd Overall - Grey Evans

3rd Overall - Olivia Ashworth

5th Overall - Sienna Wilson

Mini Advanced Duets/Trios:

1st Overall - Boogie Wonderland

3rd Overall - Funkytown

5th Overall - Work

Mini Small Groups:

1st Overall - 1000 Oceans

2nd Overall - New Attitude

Mini Large Groups 5 & Under:

2nd Overall - Ay Caramba

2nd Overall - Chain Hang Low

Mini Large Groups:

1st Overall - Vogue

2nd Overall - Ice Cream

3rd Overall - Sugar Pie

4th Overall - Only We Know

Junior Advanced Solos:

1st Overall - Charlie Springer

5th Overall - Sasha Hameed

Junior Advanced Duets/Trios:

4th Overall - Hugging You

Junior Advanced Small Groups:

2nd Overall - Half Light

2nd Overall - Love Shack

Junior Competitive Small Groups:

1st Overall - Big Mouth

1st Overall - Wild Horses

Junior Advanced Large Groups:

1st Overall - Hokey Pokey

2nd Overall - Ninjas

3rd Overall - You Really Got Me

5th Overall - We Got The Beat

Junior Competitive Large Groups:

1st Overall - It’s Been A Year

2nd Overall - All Night

Junior Competitive Super Groups:

1st Overall - Barbie

2nd Overall - Down Stage Crew

Teen Advanced Solos:

1st Overall - Caleb Livingston

2nd Overall - Zoey Xie

Teen Competitive Solos:

2nd Overall - Maura Matuska

2nd Overall - Jordan Officer

3rd Overall - Colette McIvor

Teen Advanced Duets/Trios:

2nd Overall - The Carters

Teen Competitive Duets/Trios:

1st Overall - Without Fear

2nd Overall - My Eyes

3rd Overall - Knockin’ Em Down

Teen Advanced Small Groups:

1st Overall - I Would

2nd Overall - Me Against The Music

3rd Overall - Forest Fires

Teen Competitive Small Groups:

2nd Overall - Let Me Follow

4th Overall - Creator

Teen Advanced Large Groups:

1st Overall - Talk

2nd Overall - Purple Hat

3rd Overall - Heads Will Roll

4th Overall - Battalion

Teen Competitive Super Groups:

1st Overall - Blue Crew

4th Overall - Mid Stage Crew

5th Overall - Destination Unknown

Senior Advanced Solos:

1st Overall - Kendall Massey

Senior Competitive Solos:

2nd Overall - Sam Evans

4th Overall - Aly Kramer

Senior Advanced Duets/Trios:

1st Overall - The Ending

Senior Advanced Small Groups:

1st Overall - Writer In The Dark

Senior Competitive Small Groups:

2nd Overall - The Final Stage

5th Overall - Gone Away

Senior Advanced Large Groups:

1st Overall - Salvation

2nd Overall - Secure The Bag

3rd Overall - On The Floor

Senior Competitive Large Groups:

1st Overall - Up Stage Crew

2nd Overall - Mathematics

Senior Competitive Super Groups:

2nd Overall - Runway

2nd Overall - Shiver

3rd Overall - The Last Time

Adult Performance Super Groups:

1st Overall - Back Stage Crew

We are so proud of all of our dancers who gave it their all at Showstopper! We'll be sharing even more highlights from our upcoming shows and competitions still to come.

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